Oil spitting out of oil cap

Oil spitting out of oil cap

Looking to buy a used car, I was told that if air is blowing out of the oil fill cap when open while the engine is running it's a bad sign but I'm wondering if this could be just how this model works. From my experience most motors will blow air from the oil filler cap due to the pressure generated in the crankcase from all of the moving components. If the air blowing out seems excessive, smells like fuel, or is accompanied by loud hisses or sounds, then it may be possible that the vehicle has worn piston rings, and is experiencing what is called combustion blow by.

This is more likely for high mileage engines. Q: Air blows out of oil cap when car running asked by Steven. My car has miles. My car has an automatic transmission. Eduardo Ruelas Automotive Mechanic. Thank Eduardo. Was this answer helpful? Thank you for your feedback! Sorry about that. Why wasn't this information helpful? Recommended Services. The statements expressed above are only for informational purposes and should be independently verified.

Please see our terms of service for more details. Related Questions. I got a diagnostics back from firestone as I went to get my oil change. I was told the belts were soaked with oil from an oil leak by Jasmine M. My PT Cruiser overheated earlier today. The engine was making a knocking sound and shaking.

Passenger side tire locked up while driving. But will move fine in reverse. Brake system lights on by Carlos G. Puff blue smoke on startup by Paul M. Speedometer is not working by Oliver S. Home Questions. Year I don't know. What others are asking Starter is loose Hello a loose starter is something you should have repaired and inspected sooner than later to avoid damage to where the starter mounts.

If the starter brakes it mounting tabs or cracks the mount, the repair could be expensive due Read more. The complex electronic systems on modern vehicles work within narrow voltage ranges and so a faulty battery can cause malfunctions in devices that are electrically powered When the car stalls it takes a few tries before starting back up Hello. The stalling problem and starting problem are generally two separate issues but they may be related if the fault your civic has is electrical, such a bad main relay.

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oil spitting out of oil cap

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Log splitter problem. Thread starter Only2cylinders Start date Oct 16, Oct 16, Only2cylinders ArboristSite Lurker. Joined Apr 1, Messages 5 Location Northeast. I have a 20 ton horizonal splitter. I bought it used. I may have not put the hoses back correctly, as the valve lever is "backward" Pushing the lever toward the cylinder extends the cylinder, while pusheing the lever toward the wedge retracts the cylinder.

I know someting is pressurizing the hydraulic tank which is also the axle and shoots oil 2 to 3 foot in the air out of the breather hole in the cap. I would gratly appreacate any advise on how to stop the spitting. Anoying and dangerous, spraying hot oil. Thanks for any help you may be able to give. Is your splitter a brand name splitter or home built. If it is a store bought then there is probably a manual somewhere that shows hose routing.

You definately need to make sure the hoses are routed properly. What about the fluid level? Did you by any chance overfill it? Joined Aug 5, Messages 8, Location lake effect Mich. A person down the road has the valve backwards and it works fine, just strange.Of course, if your air compressor is factory lubed for life also known as oil less or oil free you will not have an oil sump, and have no need of an oil fill tube.

When folks put the cap back on the oil fill tube after topping up their compressor oil sump, they may not realize that the oil fill tube cap is vented.

Your compressor oil fill tube and cap will differ in appearance. Not all caps are threaded. Some are a friction fit. The oil fill cap is vented because reciprocating air compressors have cylinders and pistons. Your air compressor may be a single cylinder, or it might be a multi-cylinder design. Each of the cylinders has a piston. It is the reciprocating of these pistons, the cycling up and down, that alternatively pulls air into the compressor, and then drives it down into the tank and the reason why your oil sump has to have a vent.

When these seals start to wear, and it is inevitable, you will have more air coming out of the oil fill tube since more air will be getting past the seals into the oil sump. This air is vented harmlessly out the oil fill vented cap continuously as the compressor is running.

At the same time, a little bit of oil is wicking past the piston seals and migrates up into the air side of the piston. The oil sump needs to be vented to allow air into the sump, otherwise, in time, the loss of oil would pull a vacuum. The venting of air happens all the time the compressor is running.

It is when the oil fill cap is venting a lot of air that the compressor owner notices and wonders what is going on. If you have a lot of air coming out of the oil fill tube that is a strong indication that your air compressor piston seals are badly worn, and you will need to replace them. It is not recommended that you wait. As the piston seals wear there will come a time when they have worn far enough that you will have metal-to-metal contact between the cylinder and piston, and once that happens, what might have been a fairly simple repair becomes quite a bit more complex and costly.

oil spitting out of oil cap

I have a new Rollair bulldog twin tank. The oil fill tube fits very loose and blows the dipstick out.Direct all model specific questions to model specific forums below. View My Garage. Hello everyone I'm new to the forums and looking for some help. I'm looking at buying a i with K miles.

The car idles and drives very smooth. There are no check engine lights or any warning lights on the dash.

oil spitting out of oil cap

I popped the hood and then took off the oil cap while the car was running and oil started to spit out. Based on my knowledge, this means that the compression is bad and it needs a new motor. Can anyone confirm this? Or is it a PCV valve issue thing? Thanks for the help Adham. Remove Advertisements. Totally normal. You have cams and valves right under the cap spinning at very fast speeds. Lubricating and cooling these parts are engine oil.

The oil is being flung in all directions by these fast moving parts. Dont worry about it. You might want to have someone who undestands the mechanics of cars look it over for you. I'm used to pushrod engines lol my cars never spit up oil everywhere when i opened the cap while running i thought that was a good test to see if the engine was fine A compression test would tell you a lot more.

The hardest part of doing the test is taking out all the plugs. But if anti-seeze was not put on the threads as they were installed, it is possible the threads will strip as the plugs are removed - so there is a reason the owner might not want you to do the test.

If the computer is working properly, any sort of serious mis-fire or incomplete combustion should show up as a mixture code. The fact that there are no codes either indicates the engine control computer has a problem or the engine is probably OK.

Originally Posted by JimD1.

Oil coming out from Engine Oil filler Cap and some white smoke?

OHC engines will fling oil out the fill hole if the cap is off. A dealer can also pull the maintenance records. Originally Posted by BM2W. On OHC engines, that's a test to see if the oil pump is ok. I don't know if its normal or not but I don't think its a reliable test. Oil will come out easier if the oil pressure to the overhead cams is greater and if the cover is closer to them. Neither would be an indication of a problem.

I had a very different inline 6 a Chrysler slant six that failed emissions tests due to a dropped valve. It idled great. It was so slow it was hard to tell it had lost power. I couldn't believe it when LOML brought it home so I did my own compression test and confirmed the diagnosis. Compression tests are pretty easy to do, as long as somebody didn't allow the plugs to seize in the head.Featured Products from our Supporting Vendors.

Activity Feed DSMtuners. Join the Community! Chat with others, create a build thread, post questions and answers. Get involved! Logging in will also remove many of the advertisements, along with this notice. Oil shoots out of filler cap when open. Is that Normal? Jul 24, 1. The oil filler hole never leaks or any of that. But if I take the oil cap off while the car is running it splatters out oil on the valve cover. When I bought this car the pcv valve thing on the valve cover was disconnected and just has a little filter on both the intake and pcv tubes that come off the valve cover.

Is that why my oil filler hole splatters oil if the cap is off and engine is running? Also when I take the cap off I hear a kind of like bass sound really quiet coming from the oil hole. Almost like air is coming out. Jul 24, 2. That's perfectly normal if the car is running dude, think about it. Peek into that filler hole while the car is running. You'll notice your intake camshaft if flinging oil everywhere because it is spinning.

oil spitting out of oil cap

Are you sure you mean pcv valve or are you talking about the breather? The pcv valve is on the back side of the valve cover and the breather is on the left side looking at engine from in front of the car.

Are you still running a stock MAS? If yes you'll want to cap off the hole on the intake tube where the little filter is, otherwise you're pulling in unmetered air and risk running lean. This should keep you busy for a while.

How to Fix a Car Engine that Burns Oil for 10 Bucks

Jul 24, 3. Is it okay to run like that? Or do I need a catch can?I purchased a car a month or two ago and was recently told that if there is air coming out of the oil fill cap it was a sure fire way to tell if your car was about to die.

So out of curiosity I checked my car and discovered a light flow of air coming from the oil fill cap. My friends car does it much worse and he is also concerned about it. So my question is, do I need to be making plans to buy a new car or is the current motor fine?

Positive meaning positive pressure. Its is OK along as that postive pressure that is created in the combustion chamber and blows by the rings hence its name "blowby is not excessive. The PCV valve uses engine vacuum to scavange the cranckcase. Engines that do not use a PCV use a fixed orfice system which is really a calibrated vacuum leak. The only remedy for it is a rebuild with new piston rings, etc. It went for another 60KM without much trouble and then I sold it mostly because of Carburetor issues rather than oil consumption.

Trust us, there is no problem here. You and your friend are seeing the very normal by-product of combustion in a gasoline engine. Every time a cylinder fires, a lot of cylinder pressure is created, and some slips past the sealing rings of the piston, and gets into the crankcase. It naturally increases with age as the cylinder rings wear.

You and your friends cars have a lot of life left in them, most likely. If your really concerned, you can have a competent mechanic run a compression test. This is a much better indicator of cylinder condition that trying to read the blow-by gasses. A leak-down test is even better. Tester July 5,pm 2. Caddyman July 5,pm 4. BustedKnuckles July 5,pm This is the case of a little bit of knowledge is a dangerous thing.Ask a Question Here are the questions asked by community members.

Read on to see the answers provided by the ThriftyFun community or ask a new question. What will cause motor oil to blow out of a dipstick tube? There is oil pressure inside of the engine. Do you recall the old days when every car had a oil pressure gauge on the dash board?

Nowadays, a light comes on when the oil pressure is low. So if the oil dip stick is not secure the pressure of the oil in the engine when the engine is running of coursewill force the oil out of any low pressure area, in this case the dip stick tube.

Oil spitting out of oil cap

It is likely caused by blow-by, be sure the oil level is not over full as well. This also may be caused by Blow-by that is caused by broken or stuck lower compression rings in turn causing the pressure to build up inside the engine, if replacing the PCV Valves doesn't stop it then get some top engine cleaner and remove all spark plugs and poor the whole can of fluid inside the spark plug holes equal amount to each cylinder, let it sit over night spark plugs left out.

Advertisement To stop a real mess lay rags over where the spark plug holes are then turn over engine plugs are out of engine after the solution is pumped out, replace the spark plugs and start engine and see if there is blow-by if Ok your fixed if not then a ring job may be requires, Try the simple first and then the later last. Hope this helps, God bless you. If all else fails, check the bottom of intake manifold for a hole burned through it. I had a oil blowing and that was my problem. If you have excessive air forcefully coming out you dip stick, it's "blow by.

Now all engines have some degree of blow by. Here is some of the possible issues, 1. Worn rings on one or more cylinders. Best think you can do is a cylinder pressure check. I think you can get a loaner from one of the auto stores or just buy one. Get you a Haynes and Clitons for your vehicle. And it will tell you how to do it. Obviously it's the compression blowing in the oil pan, meaning your piston rings are gone, most of the times that happens when your engine overheats and the compression rings get ceased on the piston groove.

I recently completely rebuilt my engine with new pistons and all, but before this I had oil coming out of my dipstick tube when I remove the dipstick while the engine is running.

This problem continued even after the rebuild. What could be the cause of this? Advertisement Please help me. Questions Ask a Question Here are the questions asked by community members.

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