Hino truck abs flash codes

Hino truck abs flash codes

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I'll answer any questions I know the answers to. Thread starter greasytshirt Start date Dec 3, Tags hino. Status Not open for further replies. Prev 1 … Go to page. Go to page. First Prev 24 of 92 Go to page. Jasz Active Expediter. I will try that in the morning. I also have a Hino which is making a lot of vibration when I accelerate it. There is no light on the dash.

hino truck abs flash codes

I do see a lot on oil below the oil pan. Jasz said:. The truck has a 6 speed manual transmission. The vibration is speed dependent.Login Register. Threaded Mode Linear Mode. Post: 1. P HM 11 Coolant temperature sensor, the value is below normal.

P HM 11 Coolant temperature sensor, a value above normal. P pressure sensor in the common rail, a mechanical problem. P pressure sensor in the common rail, a value lower than the norm. P pressure sensor in the common rail, a value above normal.

P nozzle of the first cylinder. P nozzle of the second cylinder. P nozzle of the third cylinder. P fourth cylinder. P fifth cylinder. P sixth cylinder. P HM 37 Pressure sensor combustion air, a value lower than the norm.

P error in the computer memory P defective ECU P control valve feeding pump P Short common ground line 1 injector P Short common source line of the injector 1 P Break Line 1 injector P Short common ground line 2 injector P Short common source line 2 injector P Break Line 2 injector P error correction negotiation injector data P barometric pressure sensor, a low input power.

P atmospheric pressure sensor, high input power. P Control valve suction feed pump, a mechanical problem P 14 fuel temperature sensor, low input power.

ABS Sensor Diagnostics

P 14 fuel temperature sensor, high input power. P 12 Additional ICE rotation speed sensor circuit malfunction. P vehicle speed sensor, low power input circuit.Welcome to world's most trustworthy automotive forum.

Thread Rating: 17 Vote s - 2. Reputation: Hey guys. I scanned a Hino cube van for an ABS light being on for a friend of mine. I was able to read it with Wabco. The code says, "Retarder output pin not connected to load.

Load was once detected or SAE message missing, but was once recieved". This little truck doesn't have a drive line retarder, engine brake, exhaust brake, etc. It's just a 10 tonne cube van. There is no more info in Wabco Toolbox, and no troubleshooting steps. I don't work on this little stuff, or hydraulic brakes and am a little out of my element. Any guidance would be appreciated.

Never ran into that on a truck with out the retarder. I have called meritor before and had really good service. Also there website has a literature section that has manuals and troubleshooting for each ecu configuration I think. Hope this helps.

Reputation: 9. Hope this helps re-read fault description - pretty self-explanitory; load was detected and now is not. Also, to clear, select reset memorized components in the drop-down menu.Forums New posts Search forums. Media New media New comments Search media. Members Registered members Current visitors New profile posts Search profile posts.

HINO Dutro Fault Codes list

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Hino Problems. Thread starter sidepiper Start date Apr 24, Hi, I have a Hino with a allison trans. Truck was running perfect and then the abs light came on as well as the trans. I was able to limp it 1 mile to a safe location and it had blown atf out of the vent. I changed the atf and filters, replaced the rear shoes and drums which were needed, cleaned and checked the wheel sensors to no avail. If I clear the codes the truck will run for a short time but then the lights come on including inhibit and the truck won't move.

Any ideas before getting it towed to the dealership?? All this happened after dumping 10 yards of mulch in someones driveway but there was no atf fluid left on the driveway. The route I took to the house did have some steep grades. Sounds like a bad tranny speed sensor, or shorted wire. I have similiar issues sometimes in the rain. Yes it locks in gear and we have to put along. Ive pulled wrenches many times in the past so check thees out.

Make friends with the creeper as you will spend the better part of the day working. Common problems and repairs. Are you using filters made by Allison? Did you keep the old filter? A transmission mechanic cutting it open with a filter cutter will help him diagnose a problem the filter may have imploded especialy after market filters or if you run WAY BEYOND the change interval 50, miles This is rare and unlikely if you used Allison filters Look up the allison website you can look for a wiring schematic and diagnostics sheet this will help.

Check the wire harnesses and grounds broken or shorted wires. Clean the harnesses with brake cleaner blow them out with compressed air if you have it or at least let them air dry. There are at least two depending on your set up. Mine has one main on the back of the trans and two at the multi function swich on the left side newer setup you may have only onelook for others on your unit.ECU by Part Number.

ECU by Make and Model. ECU Wiring Diagrams. ABS Diagnostic Tools. Industry Links.

hino truck abs flash codes

Wabco D version ECU shape 1. Wabco D version ECU shape 2. Blink Code. Type of Fault. Action Required.

Hino Truck Diagnostic Scanner Fault Code Reader

Right front steering axle. ABS modulator valve. Check ABS modulator valve, valve cable, and connectors. Refer to service information provided by manufacturer. Left front steering axle. Right rear drive axle.


Left rear drive axle. Too much sensor gap. Adjust wheel sensor to touch tooth wheel. Check sensor gap. Check for loose wheel bearings or excessive hub runout. Verify minimum 0.

hino truck abs flash codes

Sensor short circuit, or open circuit.Normal check mode 1. Warm up the engine to operating temperature. Turn off the dcc accessory. Turn on the ignition. For example, the lamp flashes 1 time, then a pause of 1. This means code If two or more fault codes are stored in the memory of the electronic unit, the codes will be separated by a pause of 2. If there are no faults, the test lamp should flash at an interval of 0. Note: in the case of several fault codes, their indication begins with a smaller code and continues ascending.

Note: — On models with diagnostic connector DLC3, self-diagnosis in test mode is carried out using special testers. This test test mode for specialists and part of the fault codes listed in the table appear only in this test mode. This is especially useful if in the process of movement there are constantly disappearing faults. Verification conditions: — engine is warmed up to operating temperature; — the battery is fully charged voltage not lower than 24 V ; — the throttle valve is closed the contacts of the limit switch with the closed position of the throttle valve are closed ; — all additional equipment is turned off.

Turn off the ignition. Create conditions for the failure according to the owner. Read the trouble codes. Erasing trouble codes 1. On models with a DLC3 diagnostic connector, fault codes can be erased with a tester. Note: when the battery is disconnected, the memory of other electronic devices watches, etc. Carry out road tests of the car. Repeat the diagnostic procedure and verify that there are no fault codes.

Open or short circuit in crankshaft position sensor circuit. Crankshaft position sensor. Electronic control unit. Open or short circuit in the sensor circuit of the shaft speed sensor pump. The sensor shaft speed pump.

Open or short circuit of the z-circuit of the solenoid valve for adjusting the injection advance angle. Fuel filter clogging. Fuel freezes or air gets caught. TNVD internal pressure and solenoid valve of injection timing. An open or short circuit in the accelerator pedal position sensor circuit. Accelerator pedal position sensor. State a or b within 0. State a or b lasts 0. An open or short in the accelerator pedal position sensor circuit.

Short circuit in the circuit limit switch idle. Limit switch idle.Allows to read the ECU failure memory by providing the user information about the error codes detected in it. This function allows the user to carry out the deleting of the errors memory; logically if the error is present, it will be detected again by the ECU and it will be displayed in the following diagnosis.

Displays on the screen the values of the different sensors connected to the ECU. It depends on each system. They are the direct tests that can be done with the system components.

For example, actuate an ABS modulator, activate the suspension solenoid valves in order to raise or low the vehicle chassis, It is the active diagnosis, which, for example for the engine, allows to carry out tests calibrating its state, like the cylinders balance, cylinders cutout or compression. Depends on each system. These are the technical data of the ECU, serial number, software version, manufacturer's reference, etc.

Some ECU can operate with different configurations. With this option you can copy configurations and parameters to the control unit, so control units can be programmed in its first installation.

For certain systems even the modification of some parameters not affecting the vehicles security is allowed. Some systems ask to calibrate some components for its correct operation. The best example are the electronic suspensions, in which there must be stored the reference values so the ECU can make function correctly.

This point refers to the reset of the control units maintenance counters. If the maintenance operations are completed but the maintenance alarm is not cancelled, the warning message referring to maintenance will keep on. It has nothing to do with the clearing of the error codes from the memory, which is part of the diagnosis.

Technical information of the system indicating the checking values, descriptions, graphics, charts…. Detailed diagram of the system containing added information on configuration, components, locations and notes which make the diagnosis easier. Technical information of vehicles including all the motorization technical data, tightening torques, capacities, graphics and other checking values…. Section in which the maintenance intervals are displayed, indicating the operations to be performed on the vehicle, and through which the reports that make the customers management easier for the workshop can be obtained.

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