Avet reels owner

Avet reels owner

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And 2 inches less in its low gear.

Avet Reel Covers

Reactions: bigdhansen and Olddog8. Last edited: Aug 18, Reactions: Olddog8bigdhansen and skotz. SouthBayKiller I've posted enough I should edit this section. One was designed as pretty much a trolling reel. The other was designed more as a live bait and jig reel. Looking at your photos it looks like you have a lot of room left for line on the EX30 so your capacity numbers are little skewed.

Also looks like the line on the HX is pretty loose but that could just be the top couple wraps. SouthBayKiller said:.Avet has been serving the fishing enthusiasts with their outstanding fishing tools for more than a decade. Still, the company is amazing anglers with their top performing products. The fishing reel of Avet is fast moving because of excellent design and performance. Easy maintenance is the peculiar feature of these fishing reels. Thus, it offers increased corrosion resistance capacity.

It can also create esthetically beautiful finishes. The popularity of Avet fishing reels is increasing day by day within the fishing reel market. The impressive durability is the most important characteristic of all fishing reels of Avet. The presence of a simple dual screw side plate makes the maintenance of this reel as easy as possible.

Avet 5. This lever drag reel comes with all stainless steel components. Extremely powerful drag system, 8 stainless steel ball bearings, an alarm clicker, Silent anti-reverse system, etc are the other peculiar features of this tool. All these features make this reel one of the most reliable reels in the industry. It has 14 lbs, which provides maximum drag pressure.

The quality and performance of Avet reels are at the peak level. The Avet 5. It can provide lots of advantages than many other reels and brands under the same price range. It is ideal for saving the cost of purchasing different reels for each type of water.

Setting the drag on a lever drag reel

You can catch a wide variety of fish by using this reel. It offers almost no limits. However, this reel is specifically suitable for catching fish species such as mahi, reds, taug, striper, and fluke. This Lever Drag reel is a baitcasting reel, which is a fishing technique that contains on throwing a bail with fishing line. A flexible fishing rod is used for this purpose.

Anglers use many different types of techniques for casting further. Thus, this kind of fishing is really challenging and exciting. Anglers mostly use a technique that needs to shift the body weight to the front foot while moving the rod forward. The rods and lines used for saltwater fishing are heavier. Expert engineers are behind the manufacturing of Avet 5.

Just like most other Avet fishing reels the features stainless steel and all aluminum components. Thus, this reel can provide greater strength and amazingly high corrosion resistance. Thus, it offers very long durability. This fishing reel has a compact design. Besides, it is lightweight.Show off your fishing gear investment. Please post images and videos of your fishing gear, apparel, catches and lifestyle shots on and off the water.

Let's see what you've got for a chance to win FREE gear! See something you like? You can shop directly from the images we post when gear we sell is featured! The last known quantity available is provided to the left of the In-Stock message. Item will usually ship the same business day if ordered by pm ET, except the Economy methods may be delayed, weekends excluded.

Please refer to the "Usually ships in X" details on the 2nd line of the above status, which are unique by brand and item. Out of Stock at TackleDirect Available to Order - The item is currently not in stock, but it is usually available for us to order and ship from our warehouse or directly from a supplier, which will extend your delivery time.

On Back Order at Our Vendor s - This item is currently on order and waiting for inventory from our supplier s and will ship upon availability on first ordered, first to ship basis. The availability message will provide an estimated arrival date, which can be unpredictable as suppliers often change these forecast dates. Item will usually ship the same business day if ordered by pm ET, except the Economy method may be delayed, weekends excluded.

avet reels owner

Contact Us - This is a special case item. Please contact us first by phone, e-mail, or live chat to obtain an availability estimate. Pre-Order - This is a new or special order item with an often unpredictable delivery date. To reserve the next available item, please place your order and we will ship the item to you the same day it arrives in our warehouse on a first to order, first to ship basis.

We do not always know the inventory status in our warehouse or of our suppliers until a product is ordered. Our inventory status indicators are updated in near real-time, but are based on the last known availability of specific items. If an item you order is unavailable we will notify you via e-mail or phone. Avet Reel Covers by Avet Reels. Add to Wishlist.With the thousands of species of sport fish, and numerous different fishing styles and techniques, there is no single reel that can realistically cover everything.

The following will help narrow down the constantly growing line of Avet Reels to the ones that will work best for you and your target game. We also offer modification accessories to fine tune your Avet Reel to species specific techniques, like our South Florida Cam to fine tune your drag curve for kingfish and sailfish, or special rod mounting accessories like out trigger seat foot or extended length clamp mounting studs.

See our accessories page. Within each series, there are different options and variations like spool width "J" or "jig" denotes a narrow spool, and "L" or "large" is a standard width spool, and "W" is a "wide" spool. Other options within a series are different retrieve speeds, numbers with ". Example: SX 5. Increased drag output Raptors and magnetic anti-backlash cast control M.

Cast are also options within a series. The larger EX series reels are grouped together, and vary in size denoted by typical industry size nomenclature "30", "30W", "50", "50W", etc. The TR-X series uses the same same industry size nomenclature as the EX series, differing only by increased drag output with the addition of a Quad Drag System. Avet Reels have an adjustable strike position setting. Typically anglers will fill the reel with braided spectra line and use a monofilament leader or top-shot that is a lighter line class than the braided backing.

The lighter leader is what you want to set the strike position to. Using the Max. Drag at Strike ratings in the spec. Choose reel models that will easily handle your chosen or most commonly used line class with room to spare in the reels drag range, rather than choosing a reel and using the absolute maximum capability of the drag at all times.

Continually using the reel with the maximum drag settings will put the maximum pressures, and wear and tear on the reel.

In the case of the MXL, if 30 lb line and the correct drag settings for 30 are what you need, then consider bumping up one series model. Good choices in this case would be: JX - The JX models are capable of 15 lbs at strike, perfect for 30 lb line and appropriate drag settings with room to spare. Line Capacity And Size Once you have chosen your line class and drag capability, narrow down your choices to reels that will hold a sufficient amount of your line, using the line capacity columns in the spec tables.

If you will be targeting large, long running fish, or deep dropping, you will want a reel that will have a large line capacity. If you will be fishing shallow, casting frequently, casting extremely light baits, or the primary target species that are relatively small or will not be running long distances, then narrow your choices down to smaller, lighter reels with slightly less line capacity. The smaller, lighter more agile reels are easier to cast and handle.

Less line capacity also means lighter spool mass, which equates to less start up inertia, a plus when casting light baits.Just think of the power and performance of an Avet Pro-EX 80 Wide with a 12 or volt electric drive! There is no fishing reel that can match Avet performance, reliability, and longevity.

Reel can pull up to LBS of dead weight at feet per minute. The Avet ProEX 80 Wide is by far the most excellent choice when considering the purchase of an electric reel for daytime swordfishing, or deep drop.

Dolphin Electric Reels offer the angler many advantages. An Avet Pro-EX 80 Wide offers the performance of a big game reel, and the advantage of electric line retrieval, and power assist when reeling in big game fish. The Dolphin Electric Drive with power assist allows the Avet Pro-EX 2 Speed Reel to be used for deep drop bottom fishing applications, pulling dredges, as well as daytime swordfish and tuna applications.

As we say, "Why buy an electric reel with a motor suitable for powering a vibrator when you can have a winch? If it looks tiny to you, follow your instincts. Common sense will guide you in the right direction. For more information regarding this incredible reel, and special pricing on a complete electric fishing reel, rod, and line combo, give me a call today I manufacture Sceptre Fishing Rods, no middleman, I pass the savings on to my customers.

Nav Menu 2. Reel Balance - Dolphin Electric Reel drive design allows for even distribution of weight, no hanging motors, easy to carry, easy to hold, may be used with a harness. Will not damage curved butt rear reel seat cap due to maldistribution of weight.

Reel Handle - Regardless of reel gear setting, Dolphin's patented reel handle design does not allow the reel handle to turn when power is applied to the drive. A reel handle that turns when the electric drive is engaged will eventually cause severe injury to the user.

Overview of Avet Fishing Reels | Perfect Review & Buying Guide

Big Game Reel Functions The Dolphin Drive allows your reel to keep it's 2 speed gear functions, imperative for catching Tuna, Swordfish, and other fish that sound. Temperature - Friction from fighting a fish generates enough heat. The location of the Dolphin Drive motor allows the motor to be separate from the reel, allowing for cooler operation.

Removable Cord - The angler has the right to not trip over electrical cords and move around freely! Power - Motor capable of lifting LBS of dead weight. On a Dolphin Reel you can see the motor. Think of the fish you want to catch, and then compare motors, the choice is obvious. Esthetics vs. Company Made in the USA, includes machining,assembly, and design. Aircraft aluminum and impeccable craftsmanship.Avet is a new entrant into the sportfishing community, and since they arrived on the scene over 10 years ago they've well established themselves and an innovative and aggressive USA manufacturer of quality fishing reels for the offshore enthusiast.

They are made by a California machining company, well funded, well designed, and made to fish! Avet shares a common heritage to Accurate, in terms of the founding firm's strengths in machining. Read More Read Less Avet's primary business has been machining precise components for the medical and fiber optic field. The firm's owners, two brothers, are avid fishermen with their own boat often parked in their plant when not running over to the channel islands. They've been making reels now for nearly 20 years, and they've done a very good job.

Each new series of reels from Avet has filled a real need, and done so uniquely in terms of their approach and the strength of their offering. The reels these folks are producing are of high quality, well machined, and they cast superbly. Their drags are well designed, long lived, and offer high settings while maintaining excellent freespool throughout their range of operation. In terms of price verses performance and quality, I think you'll agree with me that Avet's fishing reels are exceptionally good values.

The reels produced by Avet have already taken some impressive catches. They've taken marlin, big tuna, and a whole bunch of other fish from coast to coast, and internationally. The picture, and fish, above were taken in Panama May '03 by Avet's co-owner Harry.

The yellowfin tuna weighed in atand was caught on an EX. The accomplishments of these jewels of machining are quite impressive. They're a proven product at this point. With literally hundreds of catches of plus yellowfin tuna to attest to their reliability. And, they're one of the great values in reels, too! CharkBait is proud to be one of Avet's very first retailers, introducing this wonderful line to the fishing community and working closely with the manufacturer to ensure the product meets our client's expectations.

We are also Avet's largest dealer. We buy them from the manufacturer directly in high quantities, allowing us the opportunity to offer them to our clients at a true value.

We maintain a huge inventory of all the products we sell. Unlike some "phantom" sources for fishing gear on the Internet you can have confidence in your purchases from CharkBait. You can even visit with us in our shop or call and speak to a real live person! When we rig up a reel "long range style" we know what we're talking about and we rig things correctly. We were the very first on-line retailer of quality sportfishing gear, almost ten years ago.

We have a physical presence, two retail stores, you can call us seven days a week, email us, ask us questions. We're all fishing enthusiasts here, so we're tuned in to what you like to do - fish!Raptors are a more refined, and higher drag capacity series of reels from Avet. These take their whole game up one notch, providing truly big fish capable reels in compact sizes.

avet reels owner

Their machining is better, their operation better, and their drag capacity much greater than their size would suggest.

There is less side load on the bearings as a result of increased drag capacity. They are the best this innovative manufacturer produces, and they are made to outperform all other reels on the market. Avet now produces all three HX sizes, from narrow, standard and wide in three speed form! Gearing is well thought out, faster on the top end, powerful in the midrange and a stump pulling 1. Standard Avets are great reels, the Raptors take the performance to the next level, and now with three speeds the versatility increases.

The lower low gear will prove a huge advantage when dealing with a larger fish, and the faster high gear will improve jigging effectiveness.

Reels have just arrived to our shop, most colors are here now, with some not completed green, purple, camo. We have silver, red, blue, black and gunmetal at present. Gold colored reels have also been completed, will be arriving later in the week.

Reels are in stock now and available for speedy delivery. Skip to navigation Skip to content Welcome to Charkbait! Internet Sportsfishing Please contact us if you have suggestions or problems with the website! WARNING: The products offered on our website can expose you to chemicals including lead, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to www. Add to Wishlist. Anodized for superior corrosion resistance and beautiful finish.

avet reels owner

True one piece frame for the ultimate in strength vs. Precision machined stainless steel gears. Reliable Avedrag dry carbon fiber drags for superior stopping power, smoothness, and wear resistance. Proudly Made in the USA.

avet reels owner

Description Specification Raptors are a more refined, and higher drag capacity series of reels from Avet. Matching machined aluminum rod clamp. Topless frames on select models.

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